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Woo Daves explains the Line Keeper

Woo DavesWoo says: "Anytime you're moving from one spot to another, the excess line on your Carolina Rig is in the way, getting tangled on everything. The Line Keeper solves the problem! Simply follow the easy steps below to faster, more efficient fishing. You'll not only fish better, but be less flustrated to boot!"

Woo shows how easy the Line Keeper is to use

1. First bring your line next to your bait parallel with the line on the rod, near the handle. This works well as often the leader length on a Carolina Rig is about the length of your rod.

2. Simply bend the Line Keeper back and slide both lines into the opening, effectively trapping both lines together until you release the Line Keeper when you're ready to fish.

3. This couldn't be easier or quicker. In about 3 seconds you're ready to put your rod away confident it'll be ready and tangle-free when you pick it up again. How much time will this save you? In a tournament, you know the very next cast could be the winning difference.

4. The Line Keeper makes all the hassle disappear instantly. Your rods are ready when you are. Just a simple flex of the Line Keeper, it's off and you're ready.

Folks - I really like the Line Keeper, and I'm sure you will, too. See ya on the water - WOO