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What pros say about Line Keeper

Jimmy Houston, star of America's favorite TV show, Jimmy Houston Outdoors, loves and uses the Line Keeper. Jimmy knows it makes for not only a neater set of rods, but helps him be more successful because he doesn't waste time detangling rods. Jimmy was the first "Pro" to officially endorse the LINE KEEPER. He was impressed enough with the product to make a video demonstrating the use and benefits of the LINE KEEPER.

Woo Daves, the 2000 BASSMasters' Classic Champion uses Line Keeper. He knows you can have 16 outfits in your rod box, but only the Line Keeper has them ready to tie on a lure and cast within seconds. Simply unclip Line Keeper and you're ready! Woo says, "If you fish a Carolina Rig as much as I do, you're familiar with tangled lines and rods when moving from one fishing spot to another. Using the LINE KEEPER will eliminate that problem, whether you're fishing a Carolina, or Drop-Shot Rig." See Woo's demo by clicking here.

Penny Berryman says, "The LINE KEEPER keeps my rods tangle-free in the rod box and when fishing a Carolina Rig. It also makes it so quick and easy to break-down my two piece rods for transporting to and from tackle shows and seminars."

Guy Eaker is one of the most highly respected fisherman on the B.A.S.S. Tournament Trail. A 10 time qualifier for the coveted "BASSMASTERS Classic," and has been inducted into the Cherryvill, NC. "SPORTS HALL OF FAME." Guy uses LINE KEEPER's exclusively to prevent tangled lines when rigged with a drop-shot or Carolina rig. Conducting hundreds of seminars around the country, Guy considers the LINE KEEPER an answer to prayer when breaking-down his rods for transporting and handling. He believes there's no better way to add safety to a family fishing trip.

Don't fish another day without them

Jack Swanson and Ray Scott talk about Line KeeperThe awesome Line Keeper cleans up your line tangle hassles in one simple step. Don't fish another day without the Line Keeper. It's a fast and inexpensive way to organize your tangled lines, lures and rods. Order now.